chocolate in the morning is the best time

Morning hot choc

Hot choc

The perfect start to a cold day.

50g (2 oz) dark chocolate
Hot water
1 cup milk

Break the chocoolate up. Add the water and choc to a mug. Microwave until choc has melted. Sitr until dissolved evenly.
Add the milk and heat until near boiling, try not to boil it. Stir again.

If you do this in a pot instead of a mug - e.g. you are making several serves - then try pouring it back and forth between two pots. Practice getting as far apart as you can without splashing everywhere. Adults only: this is hot and dangerous. This is the old-fashioned way to get a good froth going and still can't be beat. Microwave briefly after pouring into mugs to reheat it.