chocolate in the morning is the best time

Black cocoa

black choc

Like strong black coffee? Espresso, Turkish, short black... How about having cocoa instead?

Cocoa doesn't give you quite the same manic rush as coffee but it still kicks you along.

It can be just as bitter.

And it isn't as unhealthy as coffee. Never mind recent reports of coffee's benefits for a few cancers, coffee is toxic. Try giving it up then have a cup and note the effects on your body. Note: if you give up coffee, do so very carefully. You can induce severe headaches, high bloodpressure and risk of stroke. Wean yourself off slowly. Anyway, nobody here is pushing you to give up: drink coffee and cocoa and be happy!

Note that the headline does not say "black chocolate" it says "black cocoa". Anyone who can drink coffee straight can drink cocoa straight. So try this: don't use "hot chocolate" mix which has fats and sugar and thickeners and stuff added. Use high quality pure unsweetened dutch-process cocoa.

Place one (or several) teaspoons of cocoa in a cup.
Slowly add a little boiling water, mixing into a paste so no dry powder lumps are left.
Add more boiling water (or coffee!) to taste (short or long) and stir.
Add sugar and/or milk if you really must but savouring the bitterness is all part of getting the day started just as it is for some cofffee drinkers.

Sure you'll probably end up with a bit of residue in the bottom of the cup, just like old-time coffee.

If you have a coffee machine, can you use cacao beans for it instead of coffee beans? Someone please comment here. I think not: they are more buttery.