chocolate in the morning is the best time

Chunky Chocolate Muffins

Hey, go for it. Mega chocolate.

Mini Muffins

Small muffins seem a bit less indulgent in the mornings. Hey, have two!

Cappuccino Choc Muffins

Coffee and chololate; a perfect morning combination

Chocolate porridge

Choc porridge greets the sun

OK it's ugly but it's delicious. And healthy. My 9-year-old son asks for this all the time.

Why dark chocolate?

Any chocolate will do in an emergency, but getting your day started is all about administering the cacao drug. The stronger your chocolate,

  1. the less you need to satisfy the craving (in theory anyway)
  2. the less sugar, milk fats and other gunk you are starting the day with
  3. the bigger the grin

The kick

The kick from dark chocolate is not caffeine - much. You need about a kilo (over two pounds) of good dark 70% choc to equal an espresso (unless of course it is chocolate with coffee in it: Whittaker's Dark Moccha just about blows my head off).

Why in the morning?

  1. Cacao is a stimulant - it fires you up (we have a cocoa at bedtime because the milk and warmth are relaxants. It probably relaxes us to appease the cacao addiction too)
  2. Better to do it early so you have some chance of burning it off again
  3. Why spend all day dreaming of chocolate? Get it off your mind
  4. You'll enjoy it far more when "breaking your fast" than when full after dinner
  5. Put chocolate first on your "to do" list: at least you'll get something done today
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