chocolate in the morning is the best time

Cocoa cereal

As an even healthier variant of chocolate cereal to keep fat intake down:

Every commercial chocolate cereal I have seen is way too high in sugar. Keep breakfast as bitter as you can enjoy, to keep your start of the day healthy.

    Take your favourite cereal or muesli in a bowl - not a sweet one (well, if you must).

    Sprinkle cocoa powder onto the dry cereal. I use several dessert spoons full.
    If you use milder Dutch-process drinking cocoa, this is delicious on its own. If you use stronger unprocessed cocoa, you might like to add a teaspoon of brown sugar though many cereals are sweet enough already.

    Mix the dry ingredients. The cocoa powder sticks well to most dry materials.

    Add a handful of frozen blueberries, a spoon or two of low fat yoghurt, and milk.

    Stir and enjoy.